Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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1. Block or wedge used under a wheel to prevent motion or to fill in space.
2. A block with two hornlike projections curving inward, through which a rope may be run.
3. Heavy metal fitting, which can be used to guide rope or cable

1. To block up or obstruct by clogging.
2. To cut off air.
3. To restrict flow.
4. Electrical coil that adds resistance or impedance to the flow of current in an AC circuit.

Shoulder that is meant to stay higher than the subgrade when the final grading is completed.

Property, such as furniture, which is held by an individual.

Platform mounted electrical circular saw that is hinged to permit the front of the saw to be raised and lowered for cutting through the item placed on the platform.

1. Principal horizontal member in a rigid framework.
2. A straight line joining any two points on an arc, curve or circumference.
3. Main structural member of a roof truss.

Claim or debt that may be recovered by instituting a lawsuit.

Intensity of color or purity

Chrome plating is often used on bath items because chrome resists water and corrosion.

Adjustable, clamp-like device, as on a drill or lathe, by which the tool or work to be turned is held.

The adjustable, clamp-like device, as on the end of a drill or lathe, by which the tool or work to be turned is held, the combination chuck has three jaws that move simultaneously to lock the item into place.

A lathe chuck, which has four independently moving, jaws to enable the item to be exactly center with the use of a dial indicator.

A lathe chuck, which has three simultaneously moving, jaws that are shaped to permit gripping the item from both the inside and the outside.

An inclined or vertical metal trough or passage down which something may be slid or dropped, such as concrete from a truck to the forms.

Ashes from burning coal or wood.

Block, which is used in construction and made of ash and cement.

Cinders used below the basement and around the foundation to promote drainage.

A circular design made of five converging lobes, giving the appearance of a flower with petals

Italian marble with alternating streaks or layers of color, often green and white.

Approximate date.

A plane figure bounded by a single curved line every point of which is equally distant from the point at the center of the figure. A circle shaped plate, which hold a transit telescope.

This tool with a center shaft in which a drill bit is mounted with an adjustable cutter blade mounted on an adjustable arm perpendicular to the center shaft is used to cut a wide range of diameters. The speed of the cutting must be closely controlled with the rotating cutter blade being an off-center out of balance mass, which is difficult to guide. The center shaft is mounted in a drill motor and the cutter scribes a circle on the work and cuts its way through the work as the center shaft rotates. The cutting blade is often carbide tipped to cut through a wide variety of materials.

Half oval window, which is usually small and placed over a doorway to serve a decorative purpose. Some windows may be hinged at either end to permit opening for ventilation.

Arrangement of electrical conductors that allow the flow of electrical current. A complete or partial path for the flow of electrical current; any hookup or wiring that is connected into that path, such as radio, television, etc.

An electric fuse that activates and deactivates a circuit; such as the interruption of an electrical circuit when the current exceeds a safe limit.

A small lamp, used to check for live current, which will glow if the current is active in the electrical receptacle into which it is inserted

Plumbing drainage system vertical vent, which is run from the last, two traps on a horizontal drain line to the main vent stack of a building drainage system.

Voltage in an electrical circuit.

A system of measuring circles in portions, of the entire circle, such as radians, degrees, minutes or seconds.

Area of an electrical conductor measured in thousandths of an inch.

Portable power saw which has a circular, toothed blade and a handle with a trigger switch. A platform, which is adjustable for depth of cut or angularity, holds the work to be cut.

A spiral of stairs with threads that curve around a central point.

To move in a circle, circuit, or course and then return to the point of origin.

Pattern of free movement around from place to place, as with air in ventilating.

The line bounding a circle, a rounded surface or an area suggesting a circle. The outer perimeter of a circle.

To trace a line around, encircle, or encompass an object.

Rainwater storage tank, sometimes underground. Also a rarely used term for the water closet in old fashioned bathrooms.

Large scale map of an urban area detailing land use, which is essential for projecting the growth and development of the urban area.

Legal proceeding instituted, by one party, to exercise a right in a disagreement between individuals or businesses.

State court where civil disagreements are decided by a judge or jury.

Specialization in the design of structures; buildings, bridges, etc.

Law involving non-criminal issues such as breach of contract, libel, accidents, etc.

A layer of some other metal or of an alloy bonded to it, such as clad steel, rubber cladding on a metal pipe, or metal cladding on non-resistant metal. Costs may be lowered by cladding or the performance may be improved.

To demand or ask for something as rightfully belonging or due. A right or title to possession of something

Device that clasps or fastens things together as for bracing parts.

Clamp having a screw thread that permits the jaws to firmly grasp materials of various sizes. The screw thread is turned, moving the jaws of the clamp against the item being held.

A stepped block used to support one end of a horizontal lever which is pivoted off-center along its length, on a bolt held in a slot on the work table with the other end of the lever laid on the work, with the stepped block end of the lever on the proper step to hold the lever horizontal. Placing the long leg of the lever on the stepped block gives mechanical advantage to clamping the work in place. Tightening of the nut on the bolt places force on the step and on the work and holds the work firmly. Step block allows for adjustment to fit over and hold different thickness, since thicker material would be placed under the section of the block that has the largest cutout.

C shaped metal clamp that has an adjustable threaded screw that bridges the open part of the C and clamps onto a surface.

Clamp that is specifically designed to hold members that are joined at an angle, in place.

Quantity of time required to hold two members together with clamping pressure applied to the joint between them. This duration is determined by the curing time of the adhesives used in bonding.

Soil excavation machinery with a bucket attachment that can be closed to hold in a load of soil and then open to dump it.

Siding, consisting of long, beveled, overlapping horizontal boards, usually cedar, which are usually tapered in thickness, with the thicker lower edge of one board overlapping the thinner top edge of the board below.

U-shaped, heavy-duty staple.

Lawsuit brought by one or more persons of a large group for benefit of all members of that group.

Classification by the National Frame Builders Association of farm buildings, which are used for livestock, machinery storage, etc.

Tax rate that varies depending on the usage of the property in question.

Rock that consists of fragments of older rocks.

Two-tined curved end on a bar or hammer head, which is used to grip and pull.

Hammer with one end of the head forked and curved like a claw to pull out nails.

Firm, finely ground earth which is produced by the chemical decomposition of rocks or the deposit of fine rock particles in water and is used in the manufacture of brick, pottery and other ceramics due to its plasticity and ability to be molded when wet but drying hard.

Natural clay brick, which has different, grade classifications. Grade SW for floors; Grade NW for floors, Grade LB or LBX is for structural load bearing.

Gravity rated, not designed for more pressure than that which is exerted by fluid flowing by natural gravity, clay drain pipes and fittings.

Rock consisting of hardened clay; hard concretionary body found in clay deposits.

Tile made of clay, which can be curved to form a cylinder, or flattened for floor tile.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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