Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Col - Com - Con - Cond - Cont - Coo - Cos - Cr - Cro - Cu

Prefix that means with or together. Alternately, slang that means a confidence scheme.

Hollow and curved such as the inside of a hollow sphere.

Joint which is made in water-resistant mortar.

Invisible hinges when the door is not open.

Installation of roll roofing method of roofing installation where each course of roll roofing covers the nails in the prior course by overlapping it. Roofing cement holds down the edges of the courses, bonding them to each other.

Electric wiring that is inside the walls of a building.

Having a center in common. A circle within a circle.

Land development theory that an urban area expands, in rings. The inner ring being the business district; ring 2 has manufacturing, warehousing and some commercial activity; ring 3 is low social economic status housing; ring 4 has middle-income housing; ring 5 has new high social economic status housing.

Detailed design showing an object in question.

Benefits granted by a seller/lessor to induce a sale/lease. Alternately, right granted by a governmental body, to use property for a particular type of business in a specific area.

When evidence cannot be supported to disclaim an obvious claim such as water being wet.

A mixture of cement, sand and aggregate which is mixed with the proper proportion of water allowing it to solidify into a structural material with good compressive strength.

Concrete that has been altered chemically, with an additive, to disperse air bubbles through the mix. A yard of air-entrained concrete may contain over three trillion bubbles. This mix is easier to work than standard concrete and stands up well in cold weather, resisting salts better than other concrete. While it is good for pouring in cold weather because the bubbles allow the concrete to expand and contract more readily, it is not as strong as regular concrete. Also referred to as Air-entrained Concrete.

Hollow building blocks, which are used in the construction of foundations and outer walls to provide strength and durability. Dimensions are 8"x 8"x 16".

Retaining wall, mortarless concrete block made to interlock and can be fastened with fiberglass pins. A wall can be up to 5 ½ feet and withstand being toppled by a combination of the weight of the block and the incline on which it is set. Higher walls need additional support or certain hardware to hold them steady. Heavier than regular block, they weigh about 70 pounds each and also come in varying colors. Walls may be straight or curved.

Wall of concrete blocks cemented with mortar.

Portland cement and aggregates like sand or cinders mixed into brick-sized, solid masonry blocks.

Block made of portland cement, water and various aggregates, they are referred to by the type of aggregate; cinder, concrete, etc.

To achieve a final cured surface that is smooth and hard, the concrete must be subjected to screeding, which is the use of a rigid piece of metal or wood to level the concrete and remove excess material; floating, which is the smoothing, with a flat plate, of the new concrete surface; and troweling, which is the use of a hand tool with a flat rectangular metal surface which smoothes and finishes the concrete.

Molds that are structurally sound enough to hold and shape poured concrete while it sets.

To provide an R-factor, which is a measurement of resistance to temperature transmission, of about 1.1.per inch of thickness concrete must have an expanded mica aggregate of 6 to 1, aggregate to cement.

Machine used to pour, spread and smooth concrete.

Concrete masonry units built into masonry structures.

Differently shaped and sized concrete bricks.

Amounts of cement, aggregate and water in certain proportions for the amount of concrete necessary to do a job.

Motorized drum, which mixes the components of concrete by use of internal paddles.

Nail used with set concrete, having a thick-shanked nail with a flat head.

Concrete used as paving for a road surface.

Steel reinforced pipe made of concrete.

Factory manufactured concrete pieces, which can be used as part of structural framework or as siding for certain types of buildings. There are many different types of pre-cast units available with exterior units adding weather resistance as well as decoration.

A concrete pumping unit is usually mounted on a truck and powered by an internal combustion engine, which directs the concrete from the mixer to its use location, by moving it from the mixer to the pump intake hopper. To reach the area of use, hoses are run from the outlet of the pumper to the forms to be filled. Booms are used to direct and support the hoses.

Concrete with steel rod, bars or mesh added to increase strength and resistance to cracking.

Water-cooled power saw which uses a diamond or carborundum blade to cut hardened concrete.

Concrete pour that is horizontal and flat.

Hand tamper, also referred to as a jitterbug, which consists of a metal grill with long handles. It forces large aggregate beneath the wet concrete surface to leave it smooth and finished.

Piece of flat metal with a handle that is used to finish cement work. Also called a cement trowel.

The forming of concrete wall through the process of pouring concrete into forms on the ground. Once the forms are hardened, the material is raided to a vertical position, forming walls.

Motorized vibrator, which consolidates and eliminates any of the voids in the forms by inserting a long, flexible wand into fresh concrete.

Concrete wall that is poured into forms and set-up in the place where it will remain.

Determination of how well a concrete mix can be placed or finished by assessing its consistency and character.

Application of secondary heat sources to the material that is being utilized in welding or thermal cutting.

Ownership in a property by two or more owners, simultaneously.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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