Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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New construction in an already established area.

Air from the environment that penetrates crevices in a building. Penetration of water into the earth or through a structure.

Testing a buried pipeline for leakage by sealing the empty line and checking to see if any water leaks into the system from another source.

1. Lacking limits or bounds.
2. Very great, vast, immense.

Elastomer plug, which can be inflated and is often used to seal off a portion of a pipeline that needs to be pressure tested.

To blow full or expand out as with air or gas.

Increasing price levels. A loss in the purchasing power of money. When a dollar today is worth more than that dollar tomorrow.

Increase in the value of property brought on by inflation.

Income reporting to the Internal Revenue Service using Form 1099 stating income earned.

Stake used to give grades at different distances from the hub near which is located when surveying.

Invisible rays just under the red end of the visible spectrum. Waves are longer than those of the spectrum colors but shorter than radio waves; they have a penetrating heating effect and, consequently, are used in cooking, photograph, etc.

Use of infrared radiation to heat the material being brazed.

Use of infrared radiation to heat the material being soldered.

Testing can be done either by inducing heat energy into an object, which is active, or by using the natural infrared energy of an object, which is passive. Testing is used to test insulation materials and installations, with variations of 0.01 degrees Fahrenheit able to be detected, as well as variations within the material being examined.

A frequency of sound below the range audible to humans.

The basic public works in a city including roads, parks, bridges, schools, utilities and communication systems in a community.

Chalk-like gray or white silicon, composed of fossilized remains of marine life, which is used for thermal insulation for steam piping, paint extenders, scouring powders, filters, etc. Also called Tripoli or Diatomaceous Earth or Diatomaceous Silica.

Access from a land parcel to a public road or other means of exit. Right to exit and enter through land owned by another.

Inappropriate and possibly harmful use of land.

Personal property or real estate that is passed on to the heirs of a deceased.

State tax based on the value of property received through inheritance.

Any substance that slows or prevents a chemical or organic reaction. Concrete set up is retarded by addition, to the cement mix, during hot weather, of starches or fatty acids.

Original interest rate on an adjustable mortgage. Sometimes the initial "teaser" rate is below the current market rate.

The down payment on the price of a piece of real estate.

Specific limit of some adjustable rate loans (ARMs) defining the maximum amount the interest rate may increase at the expiration of the original interest rate.

A time period, lasting either months or years, before the initial interest rate expires and an increase takes place.

In accordance with ASTM C67, weight of the water that can be absorbed in one minute by a partially water immersed brick.

The first hardening of mortar.

A court order issued to a defendant in an action either prohibiting or commanding the performance of a defined act. Violation of an injunction could lead to a contempt of court citation.

To set pieces of wood, metal, etc. into a surface, making a design that is normally level with the surface of the base material. Tabletops are often created with different types of wood.

1. An entrance, opening or passage as to a culvert.
2. A narrow strip of water extending into a body of land from a river, lake, ocean, small bay or creek.
3. Opening for the intake of fluid.

Small pump, which is pumping fluid through a line on which it is supported and mounted.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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