Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

Ka - Kin

Constant factor, which is unique to each air diffuser design and model, used to figure the system airflow in calculations of HVAC. The information is available with the manufacturer of the diffuser.

Kafer Fitting
Also called an insertable joint, this cast iron drainage pipe fitting, with its threaded on hub, is used to attached to cast iron lines already in existence.

A hill or short, steep rise of layered sand or gravel, deposited in contact with glacial ice.

A fine white clay, which is used to make porcelain, as a file in paper, textile, rubber, etc. and in the medical treatment of diarrhea.

Keene's Cement
Hard white finishing cement with a fast setting time and a high polish capability. Consisting of anhydrous gypsum plaster and an accelerant, alum, Keene's cement is normally applied over Portland cement, often using several coats.

1. Series of parallel grooves made on the back of something to permit bending or on the back of a masonry block to allow breaking cleanly.
2. A cut or groove made by a saw.
3. Width of a cut.

1. Groove in the top of a footing.
2. Cross section piece of metal, square or rectangular shaped, which secures interlocking parts by fitting into a groove or shaft and may be used to fasten a wheel or pulley to a shaft.

Keyhole Saw
Moderate or coarse toothed hand saw with a pointed blade which is able to start a cut without cutting from the edge of a piece of material but uses a hole that has been drilled.

Angular block, in a header or mantle, centered over a door or window or at the top of a masonry arch.

Key Switch
Electrical switch that can only be activated with use of the appropriate key to guard against unauthorized use. The toggle is removed from a single-pole switch and replaced with a key slot.

1. The keyway in a lock that is worked by a flat key.
2. Groove or slot cut in a shaft to hold the key.
3. Groove made in one concrete our that interlocks another concrete structure, possibly poured at an earlier time, such as interlocking a wall to a footing.
4. Groove into which a square or rectangular key is inserted to lock two members together.

Kick Plate
A protective plate that is attached to the bottom of a door or other location likely to be damaged or worn from contact.

Kick-out Clause
Sales contract clause, which allows a seller to accept a contingent offer and then back out to accept a second and better offer without penalty.

Payment required by a mortgage in addition to normal principal and interest. Also called an equity kicker or participation loan, it allows the mortgagee to participate in income from the mortgagor.

Kicker Block
Concrete mass used to support the hub or bell and spigot pipe joints, which slip together and require a snug fit to be waterproof. Kicker blocks support the pipe joints at each change of direction, elevation or pipe size by being placed beneath the pipe at needed places. Concrete is poured behind or beneath the joint making the connection unable to be pushed apart by the thrust of the water.

1. To eliminate or alleviate something when building.
2. Reduction of the suction when plastering by wetting a surface prior to application of fresh plaster.

1. Furnace or oven for drying or baking something such as bricks or pottery.
2. Oven for drying wood.

Kiln Dry
To bake or dry brick, tile or lumber in a kiln to removed moisture and stabilize or harden the items in question.

Kiln Run
The amount of brick, tile or lumber that is fired in a kiln simultaneously.

Pertaining to the amount of one thousand.

Equal to one thousand calories.

One thousand cycles.

Weight measure equal to 1,000 grams or 2.2046 pounds.

Unit of length or distance equal to 1,000 meters or 3,280 feet (approximately 5/8 mile).

One thousand tons.

One thousand volts.

One thousand watts.

Kilowatt Hour
1. A unit of electrical energy or work, equal to that done by one kilowatt acting for one hour.
2. Electrical energy usage equaling one thousand watts in one hours.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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