Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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To remove salt from something.

Formal or legal description of property and its dimensions included in deeds, leases, sales contracts, etc.

Type of description of a real estate property offering by a developer rather than a prospectus.

A substance which has a great affinity for water which is used as a drying agent often used in refrigeration systems or containers in which the contents must be kept free of moisture.

To dry completely or to preserve food by drying.

Architectural plan, including blue prints by which a property project is built. Also, the act of developing the plans for a building, including the determination of size, features, style, and materials to be used.

Project where the owner contracts with a company to perform design and construction services.

Plans that are used in the building business which give, in detail, all needed information for the construction or fabrication of a building or structure.

Maximum amount of weigh which can be supported by a structure.

Symbols that represent different types of materials.

Home design professional. Designers are limited to drawing blueprints, unlike architects who are able to certify plans.

Court order to stop a specific activity.

A table-like piece of furniture equipped with drawers, compartments with a flat or sloping top used for writing.

1. To disconnect.
2. To unfasten or separate and remove.

Garage that is not attached to the house.

Freestanding residential housing constructed on its own building lot.

1. The act of dealing with things item by item.
2. Any of the small parts that make up something.
3. A minute account.

Separate drawing of a section of a thing, which shows the details and specifics.

Person who produces the detailed drawing of structures to be built or other objects.

Enlarged part of a drawing, made to increase clarity.

To discover or reveal.

Reduction of property value from usage, which is worsened when repairs and maintenance are not made.

1. To explode violently and noisily.
2. To set off an explosion.

1. Fragments of rock produced by disintegration.
2. Any accumulation of disintegrated material or debris.

The length of piping as measured along the pipe centerline and fittings.

Creator of property improvements by building homes, shopping centers or commercial buildings for a profit on a specific area of land. A developer will organize and plan the development, supervise its construction and manage all the business elements of the project.

Financial interest a developer has in a project.

The sum of money a developer earns, after all costs are deducted, in a development project.

Process of developing an area by planning and building homes, shopping centers, schools or churches. The process includes the construction of streets, sewers, utilities, parks, etc. Often used to describe just the process of obtaining the required governmental approvals for construction to proceed. The phrase "developed land" usually describes property for which approvals have been secured but no physical improvements have been constructed.

Loan used by a developer for the purposes of paying development costs and is repaid by sale proceeds. Also referred to as a construction loan.

Gift of real estate as stipulated in a will.

One who receives real estate under a will. Devisor A testator/testatrix who donates real estate.

1. A mechanical invention for some specific purpose.
2. A design, often with a motto, on a coat of arms.
3. A junction box or other part of an electrical system that does not carry electrical current.

Cover for a part of an electrical system.

1. Moisture, which condenses after a warm day and appears during the night in little drops on cool surface.
2. Anything regarded as refreshing.

Temperature at which dew starts to form or vapor to condense into liquid.

The degrees of difference between the air temperature and the dew point.

The removal of water from a place.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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