Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Wood sawn or milled to its final shape, normally less than 2 inches in thickness and between 2" to 12" in width.

Siding composed of wooden boards applied vertically, creating a barn-like exterior. Batten slats cover the wall joints in the siding. Boards are usually 8 to 12 inches wide.

Cubic measurement of lumber equaling 144 cubic inches: a board one-foot long, one-foot wide and one inch thick. To calculate board feet, the thickness in inches is multiplied by the width in inches, dividing the total by 12 inches and then multiplying that by the length in feet.

Insulation in various rigid forms, such as: polystyrene, rigid fiberglass, polyurethane, or isocyanurate.

Method of measuring lumber using the board foot cubic measure and is used to estimate quantities and prices of lumber material.

Governmental body that reviews property tax assessments procedures.

Group of individuals, elected by stockholders, to run a company in accord with the corporate charter.

State board that ensures that local property taxes are assessed uniformly.

Local group of real estate brokers who are members of the State and National Board of Realtors. They meet regularly to help determine licensing requirements as well as managing the multiple listing service of their area.

An appointed or elected body overseeing the management of an organization and rendering advice on issues and are legally responsible for their decisions.

Exterior siding method, which leaves gaps a bit narrower than the boards between the applied boards. Boards the same size as the first boards are nailed on to cover the gaps.

Normally located along a beach or elevated on a pier, this side walkway is made of boards.

Stone that has lines chiseled into it.

Stone that has lines chiseled into it.

Linseed oil, which has been thickened and is used for treatment of wooden furniture or in the making of paint.

Substance, density or consistency of any matter. Viscosity of liquid. Alternately, longest blade on a framing square.

Two-axle truck, which is used to bear the weight of the ends of the girders on a bridge crane.

Linseed oil that hardens faster due to additives.

Sealed tank in which water is turned to steam for heating or power.

Form language used in legal papers, such as deeds and mortgages, before they are individualized with personal details.

Heavy raised molding which appears to be carved when installed to a door surface.

Short horizontal wood or steel beam used on the top of a column to support and decrease the span of beams or girders. Alternately, brick or stone cutting chisel, which is also called a boaster.

Metal rod or pin, normally threaded and having a head or socket, easily gripped by a wrench, which is used with a nut to fasten things together. Alternately, a sliding lock.

Metal cutting device that has cutting jaws and long handles to provide leverage.

Used to remove bolts that have broken off inside of something, this thin, tapered bolt-like rod also has a steep left-hand thread. A hole is drilled into the broken-off bolt and the bolt extractor is inserted and turned counter-clockwise, removing the bolt.

Latin term referring to persons or actions that are in good faith and honest.

Buyer who is acting in good faith.

Agreement insuring one party against loss by actions or defaults of another. Alternately:
1. Arrangement of masonry brick so that vertical joints are not in line, preventing a weakening of the wall.
2. Matter that holds objects together.
3. Metallic conductors joined to provide a trail for electric current.

Continuous beam on top of supporting walls, usually constructed of concrete and often being reinforced with steel rods. This supplies lateral support as well as distributing concentrated vertical loads along the wall.

Substance used between items to prevent them from sticking together or bonding.

Primer coat that improves material being coated and the final coat.

One row of brick or stone in a masonry structure.

Property sales contract which is mutually binding on both parties, where the title remains with the seller until the purchase price is paid by the buyer. Contract to convey title once certain contract terms are satisfied.

Surface upon which materials are bonded together.

Lease where the lessee pays the taxes, insurance and maintenance, in addition to rent. The lessee post's a bond as a guarantee for the lessor, equivalent to one year's expenses.

Stone which ties a wall together by extending through the entire thickness.

The electrical conductor that connects two metal parts together, completing an electrical circuit between the parts, to the same electrical ground.

Wire which grounds electrical boxes back to the service entrance.

Term for rocks that have risen to the top surface of an aggregate base.

Cover used to enclose the tail end of a valve spindle. Alternately, a cap over the end of a pipe.

A room that can be used in many different ways, with no designated function, i.e. kitchen or bedroom.

Journal or ledger or, as a verb, to record an entry.

Initial purchase plus costs necessary to put the property into existing use and location, which is then depreciated (except for land costs) over the life of the asset.

Cost, plus additions and minus depreciation, is the book valuation of a property.

Dramatic increase in activity or prices. Rapid economic prosperity. Alternately:
1. Lifting mechanism of a backhoe.
2. A jutting bar used for lifting.

1. A piece of sheet metal connecting a heating or cooling duct and a vent.
2. Lath or marker used to site grades when obstruction blocks a view.
3. Flange used around the base of a roof pipe.

Truck that sprays the tack coat of asphalt on old asphalt before the new asphalt is installed. Tack coat is an emulsified asphalt and using it helps bond the old and new asphalt surfaces.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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