Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Hardboard, exterior siding that has vertical grooves made to simulate separate boards.

A work table with an adjustable circular saw blade protruding through and opening in the surface.

A device that measures rotational speed in revolutions per second.

An application of asphalt onto an existing paved surface that is to receive a new coat of asphalt. The tack coat bonds the new coat to the existing surface.

A hammer with a magnetized head that holds a tack in place.

A special cloth used to clean a wood surface before paint is applied.

A small, temporary weld applied to hold parts in place until a permanent weld is made.

Adding a period of time onto another.

Ropes and pulleys used for lifting heavy loads.

A strip of wood with small, sharp fasteners pointing upwards used to secure wall-to-wall carpeting around the edges of a room.

Sticky - for example, adhesive or paint that hasn't completely dried.

A joist with one end resting on a wall and the other on a header.

A cut made on an overhanging rafter.

A short joist.

A vertical cut on the end of a rafter to reduce it to the same size as the other rafters.

Undesirable painting result where heavy bands of paint have been applied instead of an even coat.

The end of a lathe that holds the work without spinning.

List and quantity of materials required for a construction project.

A commitment to provide permanent financing following construction of a planned project. The takeout commitment is generally predicated upon specific conditions, such as a certain percentage of unit sales or leases, for the permanent loan to "takeout" the construction loan.

Act of obtaining land through condemnation. Usually, the government will exercise its right to "take" only after it is determined that the owners of the acquired property are unwilling to settle for a reasonable price.

To compress or force down a material, squeezing out any air.

A device used to compact soil. Also refers to a tool used to compact wet concrete.

Multiple objects connected in a series.

Government program of providing low interest rate mortgages to low-income qualified buyers. In the tandem program, the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) purchases low interest rate mortgages at a discount from the Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA). In doing this, GNMA subsidizes the low-income homebuyer and incurs a loss on the transaction.

A projection in an object that is used to connect to another object.

A line that intersects a curve at a single point along the surface.

Anything that has physical substance and form, such as land and buildings.

Items of real estate and personal property that usually have a long life, such as housing and other real estate.

A liquid storage container.

A paint designed for use on exterior metal surfaces.

1. To connect into a water supply.
2. A water faucet or spigot.
3. A tool used to cut threads into the inside of a pre-drilled hole.

A drill used to make a hole that will be threaded by a tap.

Fees charged for hooking up utilities.

A tool used to turn a tap while it cuts threads into an object.

1. A thin strip of material with adhesive applied to one or both sides, used for joining materials.
2. A drywall finishing procedure where paper "tape" is applied to the joints and covered with joint compound.

A defect in drywall finishing.

A measuring device with a long, flexible strip with distance markings. Some tape measures retract into a metal casing.

Defect in drywall application where the joint tape or the shadow of the joint tape shows through the wallboard. High humidity which delays the drying of the second and third coats, dry tape having absorbed too much moisture from the joint compound and excess joint compound left under the joint tape are some of the causes of this condition. Also called joint photographing, this condition can be corrected by sanding the compound, which covers the tape, feathering it out into the drywall surface, and then covering it with thin coats of joint compound.

A gradual reduction in thickness.

A lathe attachment that allows cutting at an angle.

Also called hollow ground, this way of grinding a blade to taper from a thicker cutting edge to a thinner section toward the hub to keep it from binding in the material being cut.

A reamer that i
Also referred to as a putty knife or a drywall knife, it's flat-bladed and s tapered from one end to the other. Used for widening holes in a material.

Applying tape. Usually refers to drywall finishing procedure where paper tape is applied and covered with joint compound.

comes in various widths.

Various tools used in taping drywall and applying joint compound.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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