Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Unit that has the complete steam boiler ready to operate and the equipment necessary for connection to electrical, water and fuel systems.

Mortgage on both the purchased real estate and personal property of a durable type, with the entire amount financed is considered one mortgage.

Any of the commonly used packaged equipment assembly, such as an air compressor, which is mounted on a structural platform and ready to be installed and used.

Transfer of both real estate and personal property. Alternately, the putting together of a group of properties to be sold together, possibly at a discount price because several items are bought in combination.

Fibrous material, which is used on faucets for leak proofing.

Tool that is used when packing rope fiber or oakum into a cast iron piping joint prior to the molten lead being poured on it to create a seal.

Soil compacting machine with a large heavy metal cylinder that has short rectangular pads that project from the machine surface.

An individual freestanding site for a retailer, often adjacent to a larger shopping center.

A large stone which serves as a lintel, under a girder or beam to support the weight.

1. Layer made of compressed foam rubber, waffled rubber or fiber, which is used under carpeting.
2. Use of a paint pad to apply stain or paint.
3. To build up a surface.

Certain types of wet-pipe fire sprinkling systems have a paddle that goes into the pipe and, when it is moved by the water, it sounds an alarm.

Paddle-wheel type blade, used for fine trimming, that rotates around on some types of earth grading machines, scraping off the top soil and moving into the hopper.

Opaque liquid coating, which is used to protect and preserve, surfaces both interior and exterior. Most paints are either latex or oil based and come in a huge variety of colors and tones. Paint consists of three parts; a thinner which give it a liquid appearance, a binder which binds the pigment particles and adheres to the surface, and the additives, which are added to give additional properties.

Coating used to protect metals and masonry that is below the soil level. It's made from coal tar or asphalts.

Luster or sheen of paint types.
High gloss - Commonly referred to as enamel, it has a high shine.
Semi-gloss - Slightly less shiny than high gloss.
Satin-flat - Slight sheen.
Flat Paint - No sheen or gloss, it is also known as matte.

Paints containing silicones, chlorinated waxes, polyvinyl chloride, casein, borax, etc. and other noncombustible substances which allow the paint to absorb the heat to reduce heat transfer while forming insulation pockets between the surface and the flame, melting into a glasslike form or producing nonflammable gases.

Mixture of varnish and certain types of fine metal flakes. Aluminum Paint, used to reflect light or to retain heat, consists of flakes of aluminum. Zinc primers allow the coating to conduct electricity to provide a certain amount of cathodic protection.

Square or rectangle with a sponge back, a short nap and a handle, which can used as a paint applicator.

Cylinder shaped applicator, which is covered with an absorbent material and revolves on a handle to apply paint to a wall. The roller is dipped into the paint and, after the excess drips off, it is rolled up and down the wall.

Products, such as petroleum spirits, mineral spirits or coal-tar products, used to thin oil based paints and varnishes and are also used to clean off oil based paint.

Natural or synthetic bristle designed to hold and apply paint. Synthetic bristle brushes works best with latex and water-based paints because water is not absorbed as easily and causing the bristles to expand. Natural bristle brushes apply more smoothly.

Revival of the architectural style of Andrea Palladio, it consists of three windows, two rectangles on either side of the center window, whose top forms an arch.

Used for stacking, handling and storing materials, this low platform is portable and has openings in its base so it can be moved by a forklift.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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