Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Instrument that measures the rate of water evaporation.

Pressure due to the weight of the earth's atmosphere, equal at sea level to about 14.69 lbs. per square inch.

Any of the indivisible particles claimed to be the basic component of all matters.

To separate into atoms. To reduce a liquid into a fine spray. To disintegrate.

Rulings that losses can only be deducted for tax purposes to the degree of risk and are restricted to the cash investment and debt for which the taxpayer is personally liable.

A large area, which forms a courtyard within a building; often enclosed in glass and open to sunlight and may be several stories high.

Column that has three quarters of its diameter projecting from a wall.

Garage that is part of the same building as the dwelling.

Legal term, which authorizes the holder of a Writ in the taking of property of rights because of legal action. The purpose is to satisfy a judgment.

Electrical device used to vary signal strength.

Statement that provides an objective evaluation of a real estate company's financial statement to aid financial statement users.

Provision at the end of a document showing signatures of witnesses to the fact that the document was executed in their presence.

Space between the ceiling joists and roof rafters of a structure. An attic may be accessible by a staircase or other means and may also finished into rooms.

Fan used to remove hot air, thus cooling the area.

Slotted or screened opening that allows air to flow into attic space.

Individual who has been admitted to the bar and allowed to practice law in his/her state and may perform all the services necessary to represent clients.

Attorney whose name appears official in the permanent records of a case.

Agreement by a tenant to accept a replacement landlord.

Condition on property that may be attractive but hazardous to children. The property owner must take responsibility to prevent children from having access, which may put them in danger.

Constructive ownership - where the tax law assigns to one taxpayer the ownership interest of another taxpayer.

Where property is sold to the highest bidder and the last & best bid price is accepted by the auctioneer announcing, "sold".

Generally accepted as being from 20Hz to 20kHz, audible refers to being within the range of normal hearing.

Of hearing or sound.

Within the range of human hearing.

Examination of financial records of a business or individual to uncover irregularities or errors.

A large room or hall used for the gathering of an audience.

Spiral-shaped tool for boring holes in wood. Also a drill bit.

A crystalline structure of steel, which contains elements, like carbon, in solid solution, and formed under temperatures of between 1670 and 2535 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ecological study of a single organism or a single species of organism.

Prefix meaning self.

The filling in of masonry cracks by a natural process, occurring over a long period of time.

Weld made without any additional filler metal.

Involuntary or reflexive. Self-regulating.

Device in the flue of a heating unit that closes, when not in use, to prevent heat loss.

Transit that uses a suspended compensator to automatically maintain a set level.

Provision in an agreement, which allows renewal at the end of its initial term, such as a lease.

Fire protection system, required in some types of buildings, which is activated automatically by intense heat.

Vent damper that will open when there is a small air flow and close when there is none.

Method using machine-controlled welding wire feed and weld head movement.

Transformer with at least part of the windings common to both the primary and secondary circuits, with very low losses. It may be used to change electric voltage from a generator to the higher voltage needed for efficient transmission over power lines. They can also be used to change a two-wire electrical supply to a three-wire system.

Additional; supplemental; acting in a subordinate manner.

Additional crane hoist to assist the main hoist.

Secondary pathway.

Average number of business days an office is in use.

Price of a home, as figured by totaling the sales prices of the houses sold in an area, and dividing that number by the number of homes.

Aerial navigation that might interfere with the use by the property owner by creating undue noise and may also reduce the value of the land.

Easement over private property, near an airport, limiting the height of structures or trees.

System of weights based on 1 pound equaling 16 ounces and an ounce equaling 16 drams.

Solid-surface material that has a textured granite or gemstone look. Avonite resembles stone, with the color being the same through the material. It is a popular material for use in baths and kitchens since it can be worked and polished with woodworking tools.

Removal of land by the action of water erosion.

see American Wire Gauge.

Roof-like cover that provides shelter from the elements.

Single-sash windows that tilt outward and up with the sash hinged at the top, it swings open from the bottom.

Tool for chopping trees and splitting wood, it has a long wooden handle with a metal head with either a single or double-sided blade

Plural of axis.

Around, on or along the axis of an object.

Land expansion resembling a star with the center being the city.

Real or imaginary straight line on which an object rotates or appears to rotate; a real or imaginary straight line around which the parts of a thing are symmetrically or evenly arranged or composed.

A rod on which a wheel turns or one connected to a wheel so that they turn together; a bar connecting two opposite wheels.

An axle that does not rotate.

Axle rotating on bearings but fixed at the wheel.

Angle from north or south of a property and is looked at clockwise from the north by a real estate appraiser.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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