Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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1. Flat part, on which you place your foot, of a stair step.
2. The surface of tires, designed to improve traction.

Securities, which have the full backing of the U.S. Government, and are issued by the Treasury Department.

Index used to determine interest rate changes for adjustable rate mortgages.

Decorative landscape structure made of thin strips of wood or plastic and used for growing vines or roses.

A long, narrow excavation, commonly dug for drainage or to install pipe.

A variety of powered machines designed to dig trenches. Some trenchers are capable of multiple tasks in addition to digging the trench, such as laying drainage pipe and backfilling the trench.

Digging a trench.

Cutting a circular core out of a material for testing.

Unlawful entry or possession of property.

A metal or wood framework, usually built to support a bridge.

A three-sided object with three angles totaling 180 degrees.

Popular style of home, best suited for side-to-side slopes, in which a one-story wing is attached between the levels of a two-story wing.

1. To prepare; fit out. To put improper order; make neat and tidy. To decorate or embellish.
2. Term generally applied to finish work on a construction project. see Trim Work.

1. A contractor specializing in finish carpentry work.
2. A beam or joist to which a header is connected when framing out an opening.

Finishing work on doors, doorways, window frames and floors.

Chalk-like gray or white silicon, composed of fossilized remains of marine life, which is used for thermal insulation for steam piping, paint extenders, scouring powders, filters, etc. Also called Diatomaceous Earth or Diatomaceous Silica or Infusorial Earth.

A lease requiring tenants to pay all utilities, insurance, taxes, and maintenance costs.

A freestanding building having three separate housing units all under one roof.

A screened cylinder used to separate materials by size - for example, separating different sizes of crushed stone.

A landmark property that is well known by the public and highly sought by institutional investors and pension funds and insurance companies. Generally one-of-a-kind architectural designs, with the highest quality of materials and finish, expensive trim. These properties are more desirable than Class A buildings.

1. A drainage ditch.
2. A framing member installed above and perpendicular to the ceiling joists.

A hand tool with a flat blade used for smoothing concrete, mortar, stucco, or plaster. Alternately, a small shovel used for fine gardening work is sometimes called a trowel.

A finish look created by sweeping a trowel across a wet concrete, plaster, or stucco surface.

A gas-powered tool used to smooth concrete.

A finish created by sweeping the edge of a trowel across wet concrete, plaster, or stucco.

To shorten.

A main electrical line.

Rigid, prefabricated framework of girders, struts, bars and other items and is used to support a roof or other load bearing elements, such as bridges, etc.

An arrangement whereby property is transferred to a trusted third party (trustee) by a grantor (trustor). The trustee holds the property for the benefit of another (beneficiary).

Special account, which is used to safeguard the funds of a buyer or seller.

A conveyance of real estate to a third party to be held for the benefit of another. Commonly used in some states in place of mortgages that conditionally convey title to the lender.

Legally empowered person to whom another's property or the management of another's property is entrusted.

Person selected by a judge or creditors of a bankrupt individual to handle matters including the sale of the bankrupt's assets, management of the funds from the sale of those assets, payment of expenses, and distribution of the balance to creditors. The trustee is usually compensated with a specified percentage of the liquidation sale.

Deed given by a trustee at a deed of trust foreclosure sale.

A foreclosure sale conduced by a trustee under the stipulations of a deed of trust.

Individual creating a trust.

Federal law allowing a consumer to cancel a home-improvement loan, second mortgage or other loan until midnight of the third business day after a contract is signed, if the home was pledged as security(except for a first mortgage or first trust deed).

A T-shaped measuring tool used in drafting and layout work. The T-square can be used as a straightedge and to quickly mark out 90-degree angles.

A T-shaped, surface mounted hinge mounted frequently used on fence gates.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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