Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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1. General term for applying a strip of material.
2. Trim molding that has a convex, partially circular, cross section.
3. Preformed strip for reinforcing the corners or ends of wallboard panels or the raised metal section at the corner of the strip.
4. The surface of a weld.
5. Edge or border.
6. Line of adhesive or caulking compound.

Trim molding, which is convex and shaped like a series of small disks set on edge and alternating between bead that are round or oval.

A bead molding.

Wood plane used to cut a bead or semicircular pattern.

Primary horizontal support made of wood, stone, iron, etc. which lies across the walls and serves as support for the principle rafters.

Metal fixture at the end of a beam to fasten the beam to a structure.

Reinforced concrete slab with structural beam support.

Used for drawing large diameter circles, it's a bar with a pen or pencil at one end and a point at the other.

Ceiling style where horizontal beams are exposed to view and may be functional or decorative

Firestops provided by filling spaces in some buildings with masonry.

Any supporting member of a house.

1. That part of a beam or truss that is in direct contact with its support.
2. Area of a load-bearing surface.
3. Angle of less than 90 degrees from either the north or south meridian, as measured by a surveyor.
4. Support for a moving part of a machine.

Area of a surface on which a force acts.

The structural member between the top of a column and the bottom joint of another structural member, it is often larger than the top of the column so it serves to distribute the load.

Bearing life is measured in hours and the minimum life expectancy is measured by a control group under a prescribed set of conditions. The life expectancy of each bearing produced may be slightly different due to circumstances such as overall roundness, surface smoothness or tolerances. By measuring life expectancy under studied conditions, machine designs can be adjusted accordingly.

Bearing designed to eliminate the need for periodic lubrication because it is lubricated with high-stability grease and designed with seals.

Partition that is a vertical structural support.

Surface that is load carrying.

Metal plate used to spread a load over a larger area by placement under a load-bearing structure.

The end of a beam or joist where the load is transferred to the member on which it rests.

Ability of soil and other materials to withstand weight of a structure.

Wall that supports its weight and the weight of other parts of the structure and are necessary for the stability of a structure. Bearing walls often include one or more interior walls, as well as the exterior walls. Openings cut into bearing walls must be reinforced and a different load path used through the use of headers carry the loads across the top of the opening.

Wood-fiber sheet that is used in building. Brand name is Beaver Board.

1. Layer of mortar into which brick or stone is set.
2. To set a glass pane in place on glazing compound.
3. Soil prepared for planting.
4. Fiberglass or other rot-resistant material applied to the top of a foundation before sill boards are installed.

Layer of mortar into which brick or stone is set.

Strip of wood molding which conceals the joint between an exterior soffit and wall. Bed molding has the same use as base molding except that bed molding is at the top of a wall and base molding is at the bottom.

Soil with solid rock underneath which provides a foundation on which to construct a building.

Large stone that is used as a foundation for a girder or to support a beam.

Term for a window, which is, installed prior to the sheathing being installed, having an extra strip of wood on the side that is nailed directly through to the studs. It is more difficult to install than a window that is installed after sheathing.

Total income prior to deduction of taxes.

The end of a pipe or filling which is enlarged and designed to receive the straight end of a length of pipe.

Also called hub and spigot piping this gravity-rated vent and drain or pressure piping, has a bell-shaped section at one end with a straight section at the other. The straight part fits into the bell-shaped end as pipe is being installed.

To provide more surface bearing area, this caisson pile has a 60 degree flare at the bottom.

The boring of a hole in something that becomes flared at the opening, making the mouth of the hole larger than the inside diameter of the hole.

Low voltage, small sized electrical wire used most often to connect a door bell to its power source.

Device that produces a stream of air through a narrow tube when its sides are pressed together. It draws air through a on-way valve into a flexible chamber and then, when the sides are pressed, forces the air out.

Narrow, horizontal, decorative brick course which projects slightly from the rest of the masonry, such as with window sills.

Type of power sander that quickly produces a smooth flat surface from its continuous revolving abrasive belt. A flat metal shoe holds the belt against the substance being sanded.

A summer house on a height or an upper-story open-roofed gallery designed to give a view of the scenery.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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