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 Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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To make fit or suitable by changing or adjusting.

A device, mechanism or fitting used to mate two parts of different design, shape or size to each other. A socket adapter permits the use of a 3/8-inch drive ratchet with a ½ inch drive socket. The fitting hasa female 3/8-inch square on one side into which the ratchet drive fits, and a male ½ inch square on the other side onto which the drive socket slides.

The amount of interest paid on the principal of a loan for the duration of that loan.

Contractual changes or additions. Supplement or addition to something. Distance from the tip of a gear tooth to the pitch line or diameter, measured radially on a circular gear.

Joining of a thing to another thing. A thing or part added, such as a porch onto a house. Alternately,a chemical added to cement during its manufacture either to help the manufacturing process or change its use characteristics. Additions are often incorrectly called additives.

Substance added to another to enhance or change its performance. Alternately, a cement like substance added to paint to change it into sand or stucco paint. Paint also comes with additives already mixed in. Chemicals added to paint to promote drying, deter insects, control viscosity, flow and gloss levels.

Payment made in excess of the required monthly payment, therefore, reducing the principal and shortening the term of the loan.

1. Physical location of a home.
2. Code or path used to locate stored information in a computer.

To follow a set of plans or rules faithfully. Holding fast or sticking.

One of the surfaces held to another by an adhesive.

A firm attachment. The molecular attraction exerted between two surfaces in contact, as occurs between the rails and the moving wheels of a train, holding the train to the track.

A legally enforceable contract which is offered on a "take it or leave it" basis, leaving no opportunity for the purchaser to negotiate and must be accepted "as is," putting the purchaser at a distinct disadvantage.

Manmade product used to bond and fasten materials together. Although they may do the same or similar jobs, adhesives differ from glue in one fundamental way; adhesive is made from synthetic materials while glue is made from organic material, such as horses' hooves. Many adhesives can be used on a variety of jobs but some are very specific.

Firm attachment between materials or between an adhesive and the material to which it is applied.

Trowel used to spread adhesives in ridges along a surface. The spaces between the ridges allow the adhesive to spread when surfaces are pressed together.

Latin for the phrase, "for this". Meaning that it is used for the purpose at hand and not considered for a wider application.

Latin for "without end."

Passageway or doorway. Alternately, a horizontal passage into a mine.

Next to.

Property that is close to but not touching another property.

To contact or lie close to.

Property owners with property touching a common property and who have a legal right to notification when a zoning variance or change to the common property is being formally considered.

Contiguous property sharing a common border.

Postponement of closing of title until another day or place, which can occur for various reasons such as absence of one party or incompleteness of documents. The closing is rescheduled if both parties are in agreement but, if one party tries to cancel, the contract and deal may be jeopardized.

To judicially judge or declare. To formally declare.

To act as a judge or to settle judicially.

The formal court decision taken in an action, which has been brought reaching a final determination for all parties, involved.

The formalized Order of the court decision in an action. Also referred to as a decree or judgment.

Wrench with a hinged, hook-shaped section that can be fitted into the rectangular slots on the edges of a variety of nut sizes. With the hook securely held in the slot, the wrench head fits around the nut and can be used to exert torque on the nut.

Pliers that have a tongue and groove joint or slot which allows the jaws to widen and grip different sized objects. The jaw opening is adjusted by opening the pliers fully and selecting the desired groove or hinge pin position.

Loans with a periodically adjustable interest rate, reflecting the changes in a specific financial index. ARMs are typically offered with 1, 3, or 5 year periods before the rate can change.

Wrench with a pair of jaws, one of which is movable by means of a screw adjuster. The wrench can be made to fit different sized fasteners.

Tax purpose cost measuring method that allows cost to be increased by the cost of capital improvements or reduced due to depreciation. The cost of a home would be increased by the amount paid to install a permanent improvement such as air conditioning.

Federal tax term which refers to the difference between a taxpayers gross income and adjustments to that income, which may include deductions for individual retirement accounts (IRA) and Keogh pension plans, which may be invested in real estate. Adjusted gross income is the basis for determining the limitations or eligibility of other components, such as miscellaneous expenses (2% of AGI), in calculation of taxpayer's tax liability.

Price plus accrued interest.

1. Net sales price of a piece of property with the commissions and closing costs deducted from the actual sales price.
2. For appraisal purposes: the price of a comparable piece of property with the differences between it and the property in question, accounted for.
3. For income tax purposes: the sales price of a property reduced by the costs of improvements necessary to bring it to the condition of the comparable property.

The original cost of the property plus additional capital expenditures made to it, minus the accumulated depreciation. The realized tax purpose gain or loss is the difference between the sales price and the adjusted basis. Example: property purchased for $300,000 with $100,000 of capital improvement made to it. With an accumulated depreciation of $75,000, the adjusted cost basis for tax purposes would be $325,000 ($300,000 + $100,000 - $75,000). If sold for $400,000, the taxable gain would be $75,000.

The insurance company employee who settles the value of any damage done to insured property so that the insured owner may be compensated.

The time between rate adjustments in an adjustable rate mortgage.

Change in the value of one particular property based on the value of a comparable property. Adjustment in the appraisal of a comparable property will then affect the value of the original property.

"For the suit" in Latin, which means where a guardian is appointed to protect the interests of a suit on behalf of an individual who is legally incapacitated or underage.

The management of all the activities that allow a system or organization to function.

Authority of an individual appointed to a governmental position to use his or her discretion in the interpretation of the intent of the law when making a decision or implementing a policy.

Someone to whom authority is given, by the courts, to manage and distribute the estate of a person who has died without a will. A female is called an administratrix.

A will, which requires an administrator to be appointed by the court because the executor/executrix chosen by the decedent is flawed. Such flaws include: choice of an incompetent person, chosen executor declines, no one is named.

The deed used by the court appointed administrator of an estate to transfer property.

Female to whom authority if given, by the courts, to manage and distribute the estate of a person who has died without a will. A male is called an administrator.

Alloy that is at least 70 percent copper and 1 percent tin, with the remainder being zinc and often trace amounts of other elements. This metal is resistant to deterioration in the presence of salt air or saltwater and is used commonly where those conditions exist. Includes admiralty bronze and admiralty brass.

Substance added to concrete, stucco or mortar for any of a variety of purposes; some purposes being to improve the mix, air entrainment or changing the drying time. Stucco is difficult to trowel unless a small amount of lime is added to the mix. The mixture to which something has been added.

Heavy clay used to make adobe bricks.

Brick made of adobe clay and straw, dried in the sun rather than by oven firing with standard bricks. Adobe bricks are still used for building in certain areas of the country. Larger than standard bricks, they require a type of clay that contains between 25% and 45% aluminum salts.

Construction method, which uses sun, baked blocks, which are made of soil mixed with straw, and used chiefly in the southwest of the United States and in Latin America and other arid parts of the world.

To decorate or beautify.

To take up and collect molecules of one substance to the surface layer of a solid or liquid with which the molecules come in contact.

Substance that is adsorbed, which is: to take up and collect molecules of on substance to the surface layer of a solid or liquid with which the molecules come in contact.

Housing project specifically designed to meet the needs of older, largely retired person with no small children. Adult communities with their low maintenance, high security and recreational programs can be either condominiums, cooperatives, townhouses, apartments or planned communities.

Translation from the Latin: "according to value".

Tax, which is levied, based on the value of the property in question. Most commonly, property taxes fall into this category but it can also be used on personal property.

Increase in the price or market value of real estate or, most commonly, money given to someone before it is earned, as in payment for services or good received prior to receipt of same.

Horizontal movement of air.

Actions of a land developer or negative impact on the living or working conditions associated with a property.

Use of real estate contrary to the interests of the property owner and implying a lack of knowledge by the owner.

Acquisition of title to property through possession for a certain period of time, without knowledge by the owner. Adverse possession is a statute of limitations that prevents a legal owner from claiming title to the land when the owner has done nothing to evict an adverse occupant during the statutory period.

Use and access of a certain property without the consent of the owner.

Representation of the best interest of a client.

Tool that resembles an axe and is used to cut, shape or smooth wood. It has a thin arched blade, which is set at a right angle to the handles.

Short channel, which extends along the eye of a metal hammerhead. It provides additional bracing around the handle as it fits into the eye.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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