Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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Tapered shank, conical tip tool that is used in the tailstock of a lathe and holds the work to be turned. Alternately, the temporary construction support form for masonry arches or lintels.

Drill bit used to locate the precise center of a hole to be drilled. The sharp, small point, which extends from the cutting end focuses the force of the drill and bores a small hole. Also called a brad point bit, it eliminates the need for a center punch by preventing the bit from drifting off center.

Short shank drill designed to drill a shallow, flared hole in the end of a piece of metal, which will be turned in a lathe. The lathe tailstock center fits in the center-drilled hole in the metal.

Also called a thread gauge, this template that has an internal V on one end and an External V on the other with two smaller V's on the side with each of them being precision ground and lapped. This gauge is used for setting tool bits in the tool post of the lathe, for checking the included angles of machine centers and checking the shapes of threading tool bits.

V-shaped device, which is mounted on a ruler, very much the way a blade is on a combination square, and is placed against a circular object with the object is in the center of the V, which allows for measurement of the radius of the circular object.

Widow sash that moves horizontally around suspension points in the center.

The vertical piece of wood on the front of a cabinet that divides the opening into two parts.

The center point of any object where the mass is evenly distributed around.

Conical tipped punch of hardened steel, which is used to mark indentations in metal.

Measurement that goes from the centerline of one object to the centerline of another.

Drawing line through the center of an object.

Distance between studs, which may be 16" or 24". Alternately, distance from the center of one faucet to the center of another, which may be 4", 6" or 8" between.

Temperature scale that uses 100 division between the freezing point of water (0 degrees) and the boiling point of water (100 degrees). Centigrade temperatures are marked by the letter C, as in 40degrees C.

Metric system measurement of one one-hundredth (0.001) of a meter, which equals 0.3937 inch.

Writ issued by a superior court to a lower court requiring the latter to produce a record of the proceedings of a particular case for purposes of reviewing these proceedings to determine if there is a legal basis for an appeal hearing

Cold air, throughout the house, generated by an outside unit, connected to ductwork inside the house.

Primary business district of a city, which has the area's major governmental offices and professional and retail businesses.

A heating system consisting of four different elements; heat producer, exchanger, distributor and controls. 1. The heat producer is usually a gas or oil burner with electric or coal heaters being infrequently used. 2. The exchanger is what the producer heats; a furnace if air is heated; a boiler if water or steam is heated. 3. The heat distributor distributes the heat. With a hot water system, the heated water is sent through the pipes by a circulator to converters or radiators that give off heat. Forced warm air system has air drawn into ducts by a large fan and forced out through warm air registers. With a steam heating systems, steam rises on its own to heat radiators, which then give off heat. 4. The control is normally a thermostat at one location but may also be several thermostats at various locations for zone control.

Computer section containing memory and processing circuitry for the operations controlled by the computer.

Outward movement from the axis of rotation.

Compressor that uses centrifugal force to compress gas by feeling it into a wheel with radial vanes. The wheel is then seal inside of a cylinder and spun. When the wheel rotates, the gas is thrown away from the wheel center. The outward spinning motion compresses the gas.

Fan that causes air to move outward in a direction perpendicular to direction o the air that enters the fan.

Force that causes a mass to move away from the center of rotation.

Machine, which spins and gives a centrifugal force to an attached object. Machine using centrifugal force and the difference in densities of material to separate those materials.

Inward movement toward the axis of rotation.

Center mass of any object.

Item made from clay or a claylike material.

Opaque glaze of silica or similar material, which is fused onto the masonry at temperatures above 1500 degrees F. Control of the quality is by ASTM Standard C126 that ensures that specified requirements have been met.

Kiln fired flat tile that is formed into shape from clay or other silicon materials such as sand or quartz. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes they are used for countertops, floor and wall surfaces in kitchens, baths, etc. or in decorative places. Impervious to water, stain resistant and easy to clean they are useful in high traffic areas. Installed in evenly-spaced rows they are cemented to plywood and the joints are filled in with grout.

Official, written documentation certifying that the fulfillment of certain requirements has occurred on a certain date.

Document stating that someone has an ownership interest but not direct control, in an asset, business or estate.

Document representing that the bearer has a specified amount of money on deposit in a financial institution.

An index based on the interest rates on six-month CDs. Is often used to determine the interest rate on some adjustable rate mortgages.

Veterans Administration document verifying the eligibility of a veteran for a loan program.

Document issued by the building department of the town, stating that the house has met all of the building codes and is habitable.

Document issued by the court at a judicial sale, entitling the purchaser to receive a deed once the court approves the purchase.

Attorney's opinion of the status of a title, which is attached to the abstract of title.

Written statement of the correctness and reliability of something; written permission to do something.

Credential awarded by the International Association of Assessing Officers to appraisers of real estate working for a government body.

Building recognized because of its history.

Professional certification given by the Institute of Real Estate Management.

Certification granted by the Realtors National Marketing Institute.

Certification granted by the Realtors National Marketing Institute upon successful completion of an education program and the required residential sales experience.

Deed used to transfer property rights to a governmental authority.

Underground pit or tank used to store sewage.

Comparison of the ignition quality of diesel fuel, Cetane and alpha -methyl-napthalene are both hydrocarbons but alpha-methyl-napthalene has very poor ignition quality while cetane has good ignition quality. After mixing them together, adjustment is made so that it has the same ignition quality as the diesel fuel being tested and the cetane number, given to the diesel fuel, is the percentage of cetane in the mixture.

Cubic feet per minute.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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