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Quick Sale Checklist
There are many reasons why a seller needs a quick sale. Assessing your needs - and acting accordingly - is a big step toward a satisfactory sale process.

In many instances, a quick sale is advantageous, or even essential. If any of the following situations applies to you it may be worth pricing a little lower in order to obtain a buyer more quickly.

  • You are closing on a new home.
    If you've already found a new home, carrying both properties will quickly add up to more than you can realize by waiting for a higher sale price on your existing property.
  • You are under financial pressure.
    If you are under pressure to sell your home to meet other financial requirements it may make sense to secure a quick sale and attend to these issues.
  • You are moving out of the area.
    If you are being transferred or are relocating to another area you probably want to complete a sale before you leave. Dealing with the marketing effort from a long distance - and probably travelling back and forth - may be more trouble and expense than it is worth.
  • You think the market is about to drop off.
    If you think that the real estate market is going to decline soon it is probably worth pricing for a quick sale. If you are right about the market, it's likely that you'll end up getting no more - and maybe less - if you wait.
  • You don't want to wait.
    Depending upon your situation and frame of mind, you may simply decide that it is worth taking a few dollars less to be done with the whole thing. If this makes financial sense to you - and promises to improve your quality of life - it is probably the smart move.

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