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 Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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An S-shaped curved applied to trim or molding as a decoration.

A unit of electrical resistance.

A device used to measure electrical resistance.

Formulas used to describe the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance. Current equals voltage divided by resistance. Used in determining the size for electrical components and wiring.

A greasy liquid used as a lubricant or a base for paint, or a finish for wood surfaces. Oils are derived from a variety of sources.

An agreement that gives the right to explore for oil, gas, and sometimes other minerals and to extract them from the ground. Provisions include the granting of subsurface and surface rights, lease duration, extension terms, royalties, surface damages, assignments and warranties.

A finish for wood where the oil is rubbed into the surface to preserve the wood.

Oil derived from cedar used in cedar restoration.

Office of Interstate Land Sales Registration. Division of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that regulates offerings of land for sale across state lines.

A stone used to sharpen tools. The stone is lubricated with oil before use.

Cement that cures at high temperatures used when drilling or repairing oil wells.

Resins in a petroleum vehicle used to protect the finish on wood furniture and trim.

Provision in a will that stipulates that any assets not enumerated still pass to the heirs. Alternately, a clause in liability insurance policies that extends coverage to unnamed others beyond the insured.

The distance between two items measured from the center of one item to the center of the other. Commonly used to describe distances between studs or joist in framing.

Term meaning any lumber that is 1" thick - for example: 1" x 2"; 1" x 3"; 1" x 4".

The particular spot in an urban area where land value and rents are the highest; the BEST location.

Directly enhancing the physical nature of the property such as renovating a building, installing a new driveway and parking lot and gardening.

Managing property directly at its location where it's functions may include showing prospective tenants the facilities, collecting rents, and doing upkeep on the property.

Properties listed for sale on the Internet.

A type of limestone sometimes used in foundations.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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