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 Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

La - Lan - Las - Le - Leg - Li - Lim - Liq - Lo - Lot

Acronym meaning light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

Cutting wood or metal with the concentrated beam of a laser.

Welding heat for joining metals by use of the concentrated beam of a laser.

Leveling apparatus that uses a laser transmitter with a laser receiver, which is attached to the top of a vertical rod, with measuring, marks along its length.

A fastening for either a gate or door, often one that can be opened from either side using a lever with a bar that falls into a notch in a piece attached to the doorjamb or gatepost.

The post part of a gate, which has a gate latch, attached.

Fee imposed by lender when an interest payment is not paid by the due date.

Payment received after the due date.

Something that is hidden or overlooked and may only be realized at a later time.

Problem that is not obvious, but may manifest itself at a later point in time, such as lead paint or bad wiring.

Heat that is used to change a condition, such as that need when a solid is turned into a liquid.

Acting to the side, or at a 90-degree angle to an object.

Horizontal reinforcement surrounding a concrete column.

A structural support, designed to resist a load or force, applied to the side of a structure, such as by bracing, etc.

A landowner's right to have lateral land support from adjacent properties, meaning that an adjacent land owner may not cause damage to the subject property.

A milky liquid containing resins, proteins, etc. which is found in certain trees and plants which is used as the basis in rubber and tries to a rubbery consistency.

Water based paint with a latex emulsion, which dries very quickly by water evaporation, has minimal fumes and comes in both interior and exterior types.

Portland cement, sand and liquid latex mixed is water resistant if fully cured prior to exposure to water. It's usable for ceramic tile on gypsum drywall, masonry, concrete, mortar beds, cement board, etc.

The backing fastened to structural members onto which plaster is applied. Lath originally was strips of wood fastened the framing members. Today, gypsum or metal lath are used the most commonly used types of lath because they are inexpensive and can be installed in sheets, covering a large area very quickly.

Vertical fence boards on a lath and slat fence alternate a 1x1 lath board and, after a space, a wider slat, possibly 1x2, then repeated.

The framing pieces that are installed horizontally to use as points to fasten the lath, where wall and ceiling framing join, which will support the wallboard or plaster to be applied.

Power tool, which is used to turn wood or metal objects so that cutting tools may shape it while it, rotates.

1. The act of applying lath.
2. Various types of lath, which are used in making, plaster walls.

1. Angular distance, measured in degrees, north or south from the equator.
2. Surveying measure of the angular distance, as measured in degrees, north or south from a fixed point.
3. Freedom from narrow restrictions.

1. Any sheet metal in thin sheets.
2. Thin, hammered sheets of brass, which were formerly used to make church vessels.

An openwork structure with a pattern of crossed strips or bars of wood or metal, etc. which are sometimes used for screening or support.

Wood, often mahogany from the Philippines, which is used for interior doors.

Very deep sink used in the laundry room for washing items.

1. A bathroom sink.
2. The bathroom itself. Sometimes referred to as a half-bath.

Sink which sits flush and even with the countertop and is supported by a metal ring.

Unit comprised of the sink and counter top which is place onto the vanity. Often made of cast polymer or another solid, surface material, scratches can be repaired. Many times they are shaped in the form of shells, etc.

Sink, which is mounted on a pedestal-like stand, with no counter space, often used in powder rooms.

Sink, which is also called rim-less, that has no metal ring, but has a built-in lip of the same material which supports it in the vanity top.

Sink, which is fastened to the underside of the countertop.

Sink which is fastened to the wall, rather than being mounted on a vanity or pedestal.

An object or action, which is authorized, approved, and not prohibited by law.

Pipes, valves, sprinkler heads, etc. which are installed in a lawn, above and below ground, to water the grass and shrubs.

Idiomatic expression indicating the desire of an individual to understand new surroundings and all of its nuances including its quality and character.

To calculate the amount of full brick to be used in a wall so that cutting brick is kept to a minimum.

1. Stacking the veneers of a reconstituted wood panel prior to being pressed into final panels.
2. Placement of material in the position that they will occupy at the finish of the job.

Re-brushing a freshly painted surface, with upward strokes to smooth the paint.

Using a plan to determine, prior to actual work, to determine the manner in which pieces of a structure or system relate to each other.

To build a face of masonry wall from the opposite side of the face.

Building the corners of a brick wall, laying the leads, properly, so that the walls are straight, level and plumb.

Circular, revolving platform, which provides access to all sides. They are especially handy in poorly accessible parts of kitchen cabinets.

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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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