Community Info: District of Columbia

Washington District of Columbia: Serving as the nation's capital, Washington DC has hundreds of monuments and museums visited daily by thousands of tourists. The most popular attractions include The White House, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, the Washington Monument, and The Smithsonian Institution.

Washington, DC has a population of 580,000.

The per capita personal income in 2010 was $63,039.

Real Estate
The 2003 homeownership rate was 43%. In 2003, over 9,000 homes were sold in Washington, DC through MRIS®.

In 2002, the top occupations were government, professional specialty, administrative support and executive and managerial occupations. The top industries were retail trade, educational services and finance, insurance and real estate.

As the nation's capital, there are hundreds of popular monuments and museums to visit. Some of the most popular attractions include the Smithsonian, the White House, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and the Washington Monument.

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